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FAQ About Faculty Unions

What is SEIU?

The Service Employees International Union is an organization of 2.1 million members united by the belief in the dignity of all working people and the services they provide. SEIU is dedicated to improving the quality of education and ensuring good jobs for employees working in the field of education across the country. SEIU is the nation’s largest union and home to thousands of unionized adjuncts and full-time faculty.

What will the union do for me?

Having a union enables employees to make positive changes where they work. A union is a very effective tool for people who want to see improvements where they work. Such improvements can include: pay increases, a fair evaluation process, and greater academic freedom. Additionally, the collective power of a union gives members the opportunity to work collaboratively with their institution to ensure a quality experience is provided for students and adjuncts.

What can I do to help build our union?

There are two ways to become an active organizer for your campus community. If you are on a campus where SEIU already has an Organizing Committee, you can contact the committee’s representative. Check the Contact page on this site for information.

If you are on a campus without an Organizing Committee, sign up for the Adjunct Action Network. As part of this network, you’ll have access to online and digital tools to help you build momentum among adjuncts in your community. The Adjunct Action Network is a powerful tool to begin communicating with your colleagues and co-workers, and to set the stage for change anywhere you teach.

What happens after we form our union?

After we form our union, we’ll prepare to bargain a first contract. Adjuncts will elect a bargaining team and make sure everyone is represented at the bargaining table. Through a survey, all adjuncts will have their voices heard on the issues they believe need to be addressed during the bargaining process.

How much are dues?

Membership in SEIU is free until: 1) we’ve formed our union; 2) bargained our first contract; and 3) voted as a group to approve our contract. We don’t pay any dues until we know exactly what gains we’ve achieved through bargaining.

There’s also no cost to be part of the Adjunct Action Network, but some members choose to pay $25 per year as a sign of our commitment to building a movement for educational justice across America.

Our annual contribution to the Adjunct Action Network will help build a strong organization of contingent faculty united with full-time faculty, students, parents, and allies across the country working to raise standards in the higher education system.

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